Terms and conditions

By agreeing to proceed with a website design package or project, the customer (“You” or “Your”) accept that this forms a contract with Tasmaticwebdesign.com.au (ABN: 40693625895), incorporating Tasmaticwebdesign.com.au ( “We”, “Our” or “Us”), and the following terms and conditions. These terms and conditions should be read in conjunction with any ‘quote’ and or tax invoice you receive from Tasmaticwebdesign.com.au.

Copyright and trademark

The copyright in all reports and related web compositions, text, designs, the choice, and plan thereof, and all product is owned or authorized by Tasmaticwebdesign.com.au. You are prohibited from selling, recreating, or repeating any of the design/plans of your website.


We do not guarantee successful registration or renewal of a domain name.

If you do not have a business number, we can register a domain name on your behalf. Once you have your business number, we can then transfer that domain name over to you.

All domain names purchased by us will be for a minimum 1-year period or more. We will send an invoice for domain name renewal which may increase with inflation.

Failure by You to pay any fee for any domain name by the specified date may result in the domain name being deactivated or deleted by the relevant domain name registry. Under no circumstances, we will refund any fees paid by You to Us in relation to any domain name.

You authorize us to communicate your contact details to the relevant domain registry to be made available to the public, upon request of the relevant domain service provider.

We reserve the right to deactivate or cancel a domain name the use of which is illegal, fraudulent, infringes the Intellectual property rights. You will indemnify and keep Us fully indemnified in respect of any claim, loss, cost or damage suffered or incurred by Us as a consequence of your use of a domain name.


Unless otherwise agreed. Websites will be hosted by Tasmaticwebdesign.com.au.

On a ‘fee per service’ basis, Tasmaticwebdesign.com.au can continue to support your website if it is not hosted by Tasmaticwebdesign.com.au.

Information-based websites are allocated 1GB of storage space. Our rate is from $25/mo. Extra disk space is an additional charge.

eCommerce, Directory, Booking, Multi-vendor or resource-rich websites are allocated 2GB of storage space. Our rate is from $50/mo. Extra disk space is an additional charge.

If your website account requires additional storage space or resources, it can be increased at an additional cost.

Additional resources will be custom quoted.

Website transfer

Tasmaticwebdesign.com.au websites cannot be transferred away from Tasmaticwebdesign.com.au servers other than by agreement and only after payment of all outstanding fees are received.

If a client wishes to move their website to a different hosting provider, they must make a request in writing. Tasmaticwebdesign.com.au will not be held responsible for anomalies in third-party hosting, and in the event of any errors the client will contact their hosting provider for support. Any remaining hosting time is payable to the end of the calendar month regardless of when the website is moved.

Final account termination is not actioned by Tasmaticwebdesign.com.au until the client has confirmed successful transfer and no longer needs their account. Any ongoing billing or invoicing stops upon the date of client confirmation via email that account is no longer required, and transfer has been successful.

If a website transfer is agreed, Tasmaticwebdesign.com.au will prepare a set of files containing the contents of your website once all payments have been settled. Tasmaticwebdesign.com.au does not assist with the reinstatement of a website on a third-party host.

No responsibility can be taken by Tasmaticwebdesign.com.au for website or email disruption during any part of the transfer process.

Tasmaticwebdesign.com.au cannot provide support for any website they do not host on their servers unless otherwise agreed.

If you are transferring an existing WordPress-built website to Tasmaticwebdesign.com.au, a one-off $120 transfer fee plus a $230 annual fee applies.

If you are transferring your existing WordPress website to Tasmaticwebdesign.com.au, Tasmaticwebdesign.com.au cannot transfer your existing emails to our hosting platform. We recommend you take a copy of all emails from your existing host up to the point of transfer to Tasmaticwebdesign.com.au. Emails will be available for pick-up once the transfer of your website is complete.

Tasmaticwebdesign.com.au cannot be held responsible for any emails lost during the transfer period and we recommend an alternative email address (hotmail, gmail, outlook or similar), be set up during that same time.

Website Design

Please refer to www.tasmaticwebdesign.com.au for the variations in each website design package.

Tasmaticwebdesign.com.au websites are self-managed and Tasmaticwebdesign.com.au is not responsible for any copy, editing or updating of your website content unless this service has been paid for.

After approval of a website design concept, any amendments from that point onwards, will be subject to additional design fees.

The final approved website design is owned by the client. Tasmaticwebdesign.com.au does not own the design or website.

Tasmaticwebdesign.com.au do not place any additional content to your website other than mentioned above unless otherwise agreed in writing or included in a quote.

‘Content Upload Packages’ are available for an additional fee.

Website images must be provided by the client. For a small fee, images can be purchased from the Tasmaticwebdesign.com.au image library. Alternatively, Tasmaticwebdesign.com.au can either suggest stock image websites or can source images on your behalf at our current rate of $80 per hour plus the cost of the image/s.

A website will only go ‘live’ after any outstanding balance has been received and the payment has been completed.

For all eCommerce website design packages, as per your quote, it is a requirement that the payment form for monthly be completed prior to the website going ‘live’. Failure to pay any monthly fees for an eCommerce website could result in your website being suspended until all outstanding payments are received.

eCommerce sites are developed and handed over with a standard eCommerce configuration and layout. This includes product page, checkout page and basic shipping configuration. Any variations or customisations to these layouts will be at an additional cost to the client.

Websites with ‘Mobile Responsive Design’ do not include any customization to the design or layout visible on a Smartphone or tablet. Customisation is available at an extra cost following instructions from a brief provided by the client.

You will be allowed 2 revisions of edits to your website while it is under construction.

You must provide all your edits in accordance with our edit guidance which allows for standard text, photos, and design request changes.

Your standard web design price includes two revisions of edits, if you exceed this, we reserve the right to charge $150 per additional edit revision round.

All edits must be submitted in a single email where possible; you may use multiple emails if you have size limitations when sending us photos.

Please do not bombard our email account with single edit requests as they come to your mind.  Be considered and efficient when reviewing your site and communicating any questions to our team.

During the design phase of your web development, if you do not provide edits within 2 months of a draft being provided, we reserve the right to close your account and all money paid will be forfeited.

All deposits and fees paid are non-refundable after the client has approved a draft. Once the design work has been signed off for publication, fees are payable as they fall due.

The usability, functionality, and/or limitations of our content management system are not reasons for not paying the balance of your website.

If a logo has been purchased, this will need to be signed off before the website design is commenced.

If you have preferences for design and layout, you must tell us before we begin drafting your website.  This helps us to select and apply a design that is closest to your preference without spending our time inefficiently trying to guess your preferences.

We welcome all your ideas for design preferences, these must be completed and submitted to us in the relevant sections in our question list prior to commencing work on your site.

If you do not provide your design preferences in the question list during the design phase and give us design suggestions after designing your draft site, we reserve the right to charge you a re-design fee of $250 for altering your design layout and template after the time spent on your initial design.

If you would like a re-design, please provide us with clear guidance on what you want to be changed so we can attempt a different design layout in your next version. We will not undertake a second design without your guidance so please help us by communicating your ideas with us.

We will only commence design once we have received your completed question list along with all your information and photos.

You agree that we will mention your website is designed and powered by Tasmaticwebdesign.com.au unless otherwise agreed.

Website Plugins

Website plugins purchased pre or post-sale are installed on your website on a basic level i.e. Tasmaticwebdesign.com.au provide a basic set up of information sufficient for the plugin to function on the website.

Beyond the basic level of setup, additional fees apply for customization of that same plugin.

Tasmaticwebdesign.com.au builds all sites with the latest version of plugins. Updating versions of any plugin is subject to a minimum charge of $80 per hour plus any additional time spent on reconfiguration, customization, and testing.

In almost all cases, plugins have an annual renewal which must be paid by the client for the plugin to remain 100% functional on the website.

Requests for additional plugins must be researched by the client to ensure the functionality is what they are after. Due to the hundreds of WordPress Plugins, Tasmaticwebdesign.com.au may not be familiar with the functionality of them all and cannot support them. Any plugin support a client needs will be through direct contact with the plugin developer and or their support team.

If a client would like Tasmaticwebdesign.com.au to install a plugin, the client must purchase it from the plugin website (unless it is free), and send the plugin file to us, unless otherwise agreed. Tasmaticwebdesign.com.au standard development fee of $80 per hour, per plugin, will apply to install, activate, and test the plugin.

If a client opts not to pay for support for a plugin, any queries, questions, alterations, updates, amendments or similar, will become a paid service from Tasmaticwebdesign.com.au and charged in minimum 30-minute blocks.


All prices and charges quoted by Tasmaticwebdesign.com.au or published on our website are inclusive of GST and in AUS dollars, unless otherwise stated. These prices and charges may include:

A one-off non-refundable set-up or design services fee, which requires upfront payment before the Services will commence.

A monthly or annual reoccurring fee, payable in advance of the commencement of the concern period.

Other fees, prices, and charges payable on time as applicable as if the scope of work changes, additional tasks or requests. Each additional task will be prior quoted and handled independently of the main task.

Client takes ownership of website design and website files only after the project has been completed upon initial launch, and balance has been paid.

For website design packages where a completed design brief is not received by Tasmaticwebdesign.com.au within 60 days of receipt of the deposit, that project will be subject to a $150 administration fee to resume that project.

Failure to make complete payments may result in your website and emails being suspended.

All invoices and receipts are sent via email.

Cancellation and refunds

You are entitled to cancel a product or Service provided by Tasmaticwebdesign.com.au before the end of its Service term. Notification of cancellation must be provided to Tasmaticwebdesign.com.au in writing at least 30 days prior to the date at which You seek the product or Service to terminate. You agree that, should You chose to cancel a product or Service before the end of its Service term, You may be required to pay a cancellation fee to Tasmaticwebdesign.com.au equal to the fees for two months of Service.

All deposits and final balances received are non-refundable.

A website that is incomplete because the client has not added content via the CMS, or supplied content to Tasmaticwebdesign.com.au, is not eligible for a refund. Added or supplied content is the responsibility of the client, and Tasmaticwebdesign.com.au cannot be held responsible for the delay in website content.

Tasmaticwebdesign.com.au offers every opportunity to create a website, logo, or graphic design the client will like. If a client is displeased with the design, we offer revisions until they are satisfied. Tasmaticwebdesign.com.au does not offer refunds if a client is unhappy with the design.

Customer cancellation of any Tasmaticwebdesign.com.au services at any stage must be notified in writing via email. See ‘Website Transfer’ regarding final account closure.

Upon cancellation of an account, any outstanding balances remain payable regardless of the stage of design or production of the project.

Non-payment of any outstanding amounts will be passed onto a debt collection agency for full payment plus expenses.

Upfront payments received for a 12-month ‘Domain, Hosting & Support’ are non-refundable.

Tasmaticwebdesign.com.au does not offer refunds for server, service, or software interruptions.

Once your service is canceled (or transferred), your website will no longer be visible, and you will no longer receive emails if they were hosted by Tasmaticwebdesign.com.au. Website files are owned by the client to host elsewhere.

Data and Content

You are responsible for all data, content, materials, and files supplied by You to Us. You will take reasonable steps to ensure that Your website will contain warnings if all or part of its content is not suitable for children and complies with all applicable laws and industry policies. You will also ensure that Your website is not used for any “spamming” activity or any misleading or deceptive conduct or other illegal practice.

Customer Information

You will need to supply Us with accurate, complete, and up-to-date personal information. You shall notify Us of any changes to Your contact information.

Use of Customer Information

You grant Us the right to disclose your personal information to other parties, including customer inquiries, mailing operations, and billing and debt-recovery entities.

You should review our privacy policy for further information concerning the collection and usage of your personal information.